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A Discussion on Finalists, Singer, and Effective Philanthropy

Hi everyone,
I know that I already published a blog post. However, I wanted to publish another one as a precursor to the tough decision that faces the class: what finalist(s) will receive the class grants? I wanted to hear people’s opinions on the finalists and how we should approach our decision-making. I also wanted to offer a slight extension of Eli’s ideas from his blog post and create another discussion regarding Singer.
The main question when deciding on where to donate the grants is: how do we as a class come up with a decision on where to donate? Do we look at how effective a finalist organization has been in the past? Will we choose to donate to a finalist organization that is personal to us? What must we do to make the best judgment call? In the end, $10,000 is a lot of money and a lot must be discussed to make the best possible decision with it.
Now, I’m sure that some of you agree with Singer’s approach to philanthropy. His approach is concrete and offers very little that can…
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