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Mo Money Mo Problems

Congratulations to all of us for a successful awards ceremony and a good job to all of those who helped to present the awards. I know for most of the semester we all anticipated our work done after the final vote and the ceremony. That's not the case anymore. We're very lucky to have been given the extra $2,000 but with this money, comes more decision making.

It was during our final votes on operating and programming grant that discussion of spreading the wealth was brought up. Many had advocated for TruthPharm to receive the operating grant, but after they already reviewed the programming grant, many flipped their decisions to ensure that the ACA also received a grant.

Now that we have this extra money, will we continue to stick to our view that we should spread the wealth, or would the class be open to donating to one of the final recipients again. While $2,000 is much less than $7,500 and could possibly be seen as supplemental money, it almost matches the price of the opera…
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